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Farm insurance provides protection for your agricultural property and assets. Farms face unique risks such as natural disasters, crop damage, equipment breakdown, and even liability concerns. Farm insurance can help cover the costs of property damage, equipment repairs or replacement, and even provide coverage for livestock, crops, and farm structures. With the unpredictable nature of farming, having the right insurance coverage can help mitigate financial risks and provide peace of mind.

MFarm insurance in Massachusetts can offer liability protection. If someone is injured on your farm or if your products cause harm to consumers, you could be held liable for medical expenses or legal fees. Having farm insurance in Massachusetts can help cover these costs, protecting you from potential financial loss. Additionally, farm insurance can provide coverage for loss of income due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather-related crop failures or equipment breakdowns. By purchasing farm insurance, you can ensure that you have the necessary coverage to protect your property, assets, and livelihood, and safeguard against potential liabilities. It is important to carefully review your policy options, understand the coverage limits and exclusions, and choose a reputable insurance provider that offers comprehensive coverage tailored to your specific farming needs.

Protecting your home or livelihood that is also farming or ranching operations, our Special Farm Package insurance provides added coverage that goes well beyond a standard homeowners policy.

Whether you're a farmer, rancher or grower you've worked hard to build your business. Our Special Farm Package has the Insurance Agents and experience and expertise needed to help you get the right coverage for your dwellings and structures, such as barns and silos. We can also help protect your farm machinery and equipment like tractors. We are dedicated agribusiness underwriters who understand the needs of farmers.

We offer coverage for produce and cattle farms. Maple Sugar Farms, Christmas Tree Farms, Hay Farms. We also offer coverage for events such a Weddings you may host on your farm, please call to discuss the options and solutions we provide with our Farm Insurance.

We can help find a policy that fits you.

Why Massachusetts Farm and Ranch Insurance? Our Special Farm Package goes beyond traditional farm or ranch coverage, providing a flexible farm package in Massachusetts. It allows you to customize a program more precisely, to match your individual needs while combining personal, farm, business property and liability coverages all under one policy. We may craft our policies to cover the people, property, liability and livestock within your Massachusetts farm but we recognize that for farm owners, it feels like we're covering a loved one.

Liability Coverage:

• Personal/Business
• Farm
• Equine
• Commercial auto
• Farm/personal/commercial umbrella
• Fire/legal

Property Coverage:

- Equipment breakdown
- Buildings and contents
- Livestock
- Farm machinery

Do you Offer Equine Insurance in Massachusetts?

We sure do. With the amount of work, money and care you put into your animals, you shouldn't have to settle for incomplete coverage.

Liability Coverage:

• Participants and activities at shows and events
• Riding instruction
• Boarding
• Hay, sleigh, carriage and buggy rides

Property Coverage:

• Residences and household contents
• Farm products and supplies
• Barns and farm machinery
• Tack, hay and grain

Optional Enhancements:

- Valuable papers records and computer equipment
• Non-owned tack
• Golf carts and vehicles
• Show judge liability
• Other horses in your care

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