Lead Generation for Insurance Agents from The Marcia Hawkins Agency

Lead Generation

As an insurance agent, I, too, invested thousands of dollars to purchase leads with a poor return on my investment. The leads purchased are, in many cases, sold to 1-50+ other agents. You also must call, and if you score an appointment by chance, you end up porched many times.

Purchasing leads, how you obtain new clients, and write new business is the number one concern for Insurance Agents looking for solid leads to convert to sales.

What do they say, a problem creates a master of invention? I am a long-term thinker and planner and needed to create a solid marketing plan and a steady stream of leads.

We now offer a Lead Generation system that solves your lead generation, cold-calling and marketing problems. It serves as an investment into your business as, over time, the leads continue long after we implement our strategic and surgical marketing system.

We offer marketing plans for city, multiple city, county, and regional areas to target for your business. Our services are exclusive to you, and we will not contract with another agent in your protected territory.

Get started today; our results take about 6-8 weeks; however, we have been able to generate leads coming in as little as a week. Stop cold calling and have qualified buyers call you. Our leads create clients, appointments, and, most importantly, sales.

Invest in your marketing versus throwing thousands of dollars into useless lead sources. It solves your lead generation problem and serves as an asset to your book of business.

Become an online powerhouse to your team and your competitors. Reserve and protect your desired territories today.

Most agents prefer starting with our Multiple City plan for the fastest results for their agency.